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Appeal committee of the World Chess Blitz Championship has the brilliant participant! One of its participants will be Victor Korchnoi – international grand-master, four-times USSR champion, six-times winner of World Chess Olympiads, pretender to be World champion, holder of chess “Oscar” in 1978, currently the oldest active grandmaster on the world tournament circuit.

Victor Korchnoi already two times visited hospitable Kazakh land, had been in Astana, took part in big international tournament, took place in Taraz. Now he will watch after the observance of fair-play principles at IV World Chess Blitz Championship.
Victor Korchnoi is outstanding figure in the world’s chess history. His contribution to this game development is invaluable. He won more than 100 tournaments, four-times USSR champion, six-times winner of World Chess Olympiads, the vice-world champion during 10 years, many prestigious chess forums laureate. As indomitable “chess-fighter” he successfully struggles against generation of chess-players, who could be even not his grandchildren, but great-grandchildren!  “ Terrible Victor”  is a nickname, which was given to him in the West.
Victor Lvovitch was born in July, 23, 1931 in Leningrad, he survived 900 days of blockade, he lost a lot of relatives and friends. His friend of childhood, famous journalist, for a long time lived in Almaty, Oleg Skuratov wrote about hard life of blockade children in his articles. 
Victor Korchnoi is not only chess legend, but famous soviet “dissident”. He was known as “evildoer” in soviet sports circles, they did everything to crush the chess-player. Victor Lvovitch held out against this monstrous pressing, and showed the whole world, that honor and conscience are very important to him. Austrian grand-master Carl Robach wrote in 1974 in Moscow during the match between Korchnoi and Karpov: “I’m the fan of Victor Korchnoi, because his victory will be the best prize for long and unselfish chess-life”.  All people, who love chess, can sign these words in those times and now. But the destiny was cruel: two times, in 1974 in Moscow and in 1978 in Bagio, Philippines he had a lack of one victory! Korchnoi loose two matches with minimal score 2:3 and 5:6, but inspite of this, it was the victory of Chess-player, who struggled with the System alone.  It was not occasionally, that leading sport journalists awarded him “Oscar” and called the best chess-player of 1978.
The whole world knows Victor as a champion of fair-play, his statements about colleagues in shady situations are rough and sometimes merciless, but he has a right!   Even when he was young, colleagues of Korchnoi appealed to him to solve difficult situations instead of arbiters very often. «Korchnoi — is true gentleman», - said famous international arbiter Gert Gijsen (Holland) and we can’t argue with this.
IV World Blitz Chess Championship was finished by unexpected victory of grand master from Cuba Leinier Dominguez Perez, who played with 15 great blitz-players in the world. Chess-player from Cuba won 8 games and didn’t lose no one, so he took 11,5 scores.
World Blitz Champion 2007 Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukrain) took 2nd place with 11 scores. Five times champion of Russia Peter Svidler became bronze medalist with 10 scores.
08.11.08 display of multi-board chess-play of honorable guest of the Championship, 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov with 15 chess fancies from Kazakhstan was held.  Prize-winner of VIII international Seimar Chess Tournament among children and youth Yaroslav Ryabov draw with legendary chess-player.
The opening ceremony of the IV WBCC was conducted on November, 7 at 7 PM. FIDE president Kirsan Ilumzhinov, even office’s chief, mayor of Almaty Akhmetzhan Esimov and Kazakhstan Chess federation president Margulan Seisembaev made welcoming speeches on the ceremony.
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